Reprinted from The Desk, Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007 Drilling, Demand, Dust, Storage, Weather and Other Meaningful Stuff Anybody notice that this week there seemed to be an extra share of bearish inputs from across the gas market as we head into what looks like a pretty tame Winter heating season? EIA comes out with a redo of sorts about […]

Societe Generale Investment Bank Publication December 2009 pg. 23

Societe Generale Investment Bank Publication December 2009 pg. 23 Buy optimised US Natgas Mar-10 call spread on likely very cold winter weather This option trade is highly sensitive to this winter’s weather outcome. Despite the lack of consensus among weather forecasters, two schools of thought have emerged: one expects a strengthening of this autumn’s El-Nino […]

June 27 - Long Range Summary

Canadian air draining into the Eastern half of the country at the start of this week marks onset of noticeably milder conditions ending multiday periods of excessive heat observed during most of June.  This does not preclude briefer surges of significant heat as recent model consensus warms the Great Lakes and Northeast back into the 90s at the end of this workweek (Thursday and Friday respectively), before cool air returns next weekend (Jul 2-3). Meanwhile the hottest temperatures of summer underway along the West Coast (including 100s in portions of the Pacific Northwest) will linger into midweek before also subsiding during the latter half of this week. Models are exhibiting much greater divergence than typical across all forecast periods as successive runs struggle with faster low amplitude flow. When averaged over multiday time scales near seasonal temperatures are forecast across the Eastern half of the U.S. most of this week, before sustained above average heat resumes across the South (upper 90s-low 100s) during the 6-10 day period. Cool Canadian air will be slowest to fully depart the Northeast until after the 11-15 day period, but once it does longer range models maintain above average temperatures across the entire Midwest, South, and East in a near sustained manner during the latter half of July at the climatological peak of summer heat.

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