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June 18 - Long Range Summary

Record setting heatwave in the Midwest expands into the East today generating widespread mid 90s across the Northeast and oppressive humidity.  Latest model forecasts are slower to moderate these hottest and muggiest conditions of the year across the Eastern U.S. until midweek (Tuesday-Wednesday), and are weaker with intensity of cooling such that the Northeast remains a few degrees above average (80s) through the remainder of the week. Less certain precipitation forecasts represent a somewhat cooler risk across the Midwest this week as excessive rainfall from both the West and South (Texas) spread into the region, though overnight low temperatures will largely remain several degrees above average. Most Long range models have latched onto a much hotter pattern across the eastern half of the country during the final week of June (11-15 day period) indicative of return of +90° heat to parts of the Northeast, adding confidence to 30-day MWA forecasts which maintain warm-biased temperatures across the entire U.S. through the 1st half of July

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